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WARMultipress 1.2

Vintage multiband compressor

WARMultipress plugin

Visualise what you're doing

What you see is what you hear

The large screen lets you see precisely what compression does to your music, in real time. You can visualize the signal received on each frequency band, the gain reduction applied by compressions and the resulting signal, after post gain stage.

Tube warmth


Hot and loud

WARMultipress has a hot tube in it's core. It gives you the famous analog non-linearity that creates a warm and rich sound.

The amout of drive depends on the frequency, with higher frequencies more driven than the lower ones.

Classic audio tape color

Reel to reel magic

WARMultipress reproduces the unique subtle sound coloration of audio tapes that makes your digital music more natural and punchy.

WARMultipress mimics the classic Ampex® ATR 102 (15 IPS) frequency response.

Audio tape


Control the dynamics

Bass, middle and treble frequencies can be compressed independently. So a heavy kick drum compression won't affect your guitar or cymbals level for example.

Each band compressor has an adjustable input and output gain.

Adjustable compression parameters:

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