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VLB 902 de-esser plugin

Classic studio de-esser

  • Faithful circuit emulation algorithm
  • Wide band / high frequency only gain reduction
  • No threshold, detection works at any level
  • Adjustable frequency
  • Range - amount of "ess" reduction
  • Gain reduction meter
  • Different listen modes, not present on the original hardware
  • Retina displays compatible

The sound of the 80's

Classic studio gear

The dbx® 902 de-esser was introduced in the early 80's. It was available as a module for the 900 series racks, which can be compared to the now more popular 500 series format.

Its ability to remove the harshness without degrading the overall tone made it very popular, you've heard it on countless hits. It became a classic and most studios still have 902 de-essers in their racks today.

Abbey Road Studios dbx 902
dbx® 902 at Abbey Road Studios
Ceiling parameter

No threshold !

Easy de-essing

The 902 doesn't use a threshold setting to trigger de-essing. Instead, it compares the selected de-essing frequency level to the full bandwidth level, and uses this ratio to detect the amount of required de-essing on the input signal.

As a result, the unit is able to detect "esses" independently to the material level. No calibration is required when a voice goes from whispering to loud singing.

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