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Installation problem

Please uninstall previous versions / demo version before installing or upgrading a plug-in. Your license and settings wont be deleted.

Do I need an iLok ?

NO ! LSR audio plugins use a simple online activation to work. Once it is activated, no Internet connexion is required.

OK but my audio computer has no connexion to the Internet

You can activate your plugin on an USB drive, on another computer connected to the Internet.

Activations problem

Compatible DAWs

LSR audio plugins works in all the major DAWs including :

Try the demo version before buying to check the compatibility with your own environment.

Is AAX compatibility planned ?

It is already available for COMPrime 1.5, WARMultipress 1.2 and VLB525. Updates of the other plug-ins will be available soon (for free).

What OSX version is compatible ?

OSX 10.5 and higher.

About 64bits compatibility

All plugins are available for 32 and 64 bits (except RTAS that is a 32 bits only format)

What are the demo versions limitations ?

The demo versions can't load/save settings and have sound interruptions.

I did not receive confirmation e-mail after registering

Please be patient, it may take a few minutes.
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